The 2016 Wilton Community Carnival was held at the Wilton Shopping Village on Saturday, 2 July

Community Carnival

Wilton Carnival '11 218-sWilton Community Carnival.

Over the past few years, since 2006, under the chairmanship of Gary Nunn, Wilton Carnival has grown from a few stalls to a large family event, right in the centre of Wilton. It is well thought of and well supported by the people of Wilton and surrounding area and attracts several thousand people each year. The Carnival starts with a daylight procession through the Town, usually a warm sunny day on the first Saturday in July, with plenty of colourful themed floats, walkers, marching bands and Wilton’s Mayor and Councillors. Other Mayors from Wiltshire are also invited and always attend which gives the procession a good figurehead.

The town overflows with spectators who follow the procession into the carnival field for a fun afternoon. Wilton is lucky enough to have a large recreation field right in the middle of town and this has been the home of Wilton Carnival for many years since it began in 1949 until 2013, when it was moved to Wilton Shopping Village. There have been many changes since those early days and its latest incarnation in 2006, when it was renamed “Wilton Community Carnival” has proved very popular with everyone and is now the biggest event in the Wilton community calendar.

Among the many attractions, are the stalls from local charities and organisations, providing them with an excellent platform to promote themselves and to raise funds. In 2014 the event returned to Wilton Shopping Village. The committee insists that the event remains free to the public as this is one of the most popular attractions, but achieving this gets harder each year as the costs of staging an event like this continually increases. However, a great deal of good will has been generated over the years and generous sponsorship from local businesses has managed to keep the Carnival alive each year.

Carnival in 2014

The Procession took place despite a brief shower, led by 16 Wiltshire Mayors and their Consorts and Casa de Samba Brazilian drum band. There was a good display of the “Heroes and Heroines” theme, especially from Wilton First Scouts who won three prizes! A good number of Wilton residents turned out on the streets to watch the procession and followed it into the Shopping Village. Read more…

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