The 2016 Wilton Community Carnival was held at the Wilton Shopping Village on Saturday, 2 July

Save Our Carnival Meeting

Posted on 20 November 2015

Save Our Carnival!

Save Our Carnival!

Wilton Community Carnival will close unless more people come forward to help.

At the AGM on 15th October, the chair, Gary Nunn, stepped down, after 10 years of leading a thriving carnival. This is a well supported event which brings the community together for a free afternoon of fun and entertainment. It also provides an opportunity for fundraising for local groups and charities.

There is an existing small team who are keen to take the carnival forward but it is not viable without more volunteers. This is a very worthwhile venture and rewarding to be involved in, even if carnival is not your thing. The carnival is run totally by volunteers, there is no commercial involvement. We need all sorts of talents and abilities including, organisers, fundraising, muscle power, new ideas, local contacts and involvement, selling skills, finance, administration skills and much , in order to steer the carnival to what the people want – to make it yours.

If you would like to find out more, or even offer your services, please come to the important public meeting on Wednesday 25th November 7.30pm at Wilton Community Centre or phone Marion Powell (Vice Chair) on 07766045215