Gary Nunn, long term Chairman and organiser of the well-loved Wilton Community Carnival has decided to step down after this year’s successful event. Since 2006, when Gary took over the Chair, the carnival has grown to be the biggest community event in the area and has involved all aspects of the local community. Gary said “Some of you may have heard the rumour that this year was my last Carnival and now I can confirm this is true. We have done 10 years and turned the Carnival into a special event for Wilton and the neighbourhood, but it has taken a lot out of all of us, especially me and Susan, and I feel now, it is time to step down and let someone else take the reins and make some changes. I will formally resign at the AGM on 15th October.

I have left the Carnival in perfect working order, well thought of, well supported, financially secure and stable. It is too valuable an asset to stop now, and if Wilton wants it, then someone or some group, will have to step in and take it on. That’s what Susan and I did in 2006 and it’s in much better nick now than then! The way it is set up now, it practically runs itself, but we think it needs a new direction.

Of course, I will be happy to guide anyone, or any team who may take it over with advice and help and can supply 10 years of admin on DVD and hard copies in files if required. There will also be a Carnival
A- Z handbook soon, which will answer all the questions.